We're Local

The best coffees along with the traditional food made with love and delivered with a first class service. The concept for Java Nation came to realization when a local resident felt the absence and need for a communal space and a great cup of coffee. Years later, that continues to be our mission. We focus on our local community and serving freshly roasted coffee, local produce, and feature local works from local artists.

Our Commitment

Java Nation is committed to changing people’s perceptions of coffee. We are focused on turning locals into connoisseurs, fastidious about the quality of coffee they consume and the way it’s served. The Java Nation team consists of expert baristas, tooled with finest quality espresso equipment, who have extensive experience pulling shots in the world’s leading coffee culture hubs.


We’re sorry Java Nation does not accept reservations. Please check out our private events private events page to book an event.


Contact us and we will let you know if we are looking for someone like you!.



sweet delight

The coffee is brewed by first roasting the green coffee beans over hot coals in a brazier. Once the beans are roasted each participant is given an opportunity to sample the aromatic smoke by wafting it towards them. This is followed by the grinding.