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Introducing our Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee, an extraordinary blend that transports you to the fertile and picturesque valleys of the Rio Coco region in Nicaragua. Sourced from the renowned coffee farms nestled along the banks of the Rio Coco River, this exceptional roast captivates the senses with its distinct flavors and enchanting aromas.

Grown in the shade of towering trees and nourished by the nutrient-rich soil, the Arabica beans used in our Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee flourish under optimal growing conditions. The coffee farms in this region are meticulously tended by dedicated farmers who have mastered the art of cultivating exceptional coffee, ensuring that each bean embodies the essence of the land it was grown on.

The cherries are selectively hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, ensuring only the finest beans make it into each bag. Our skilled roasters then meticulously roast the beans to perfection, unlocking the full potential of their flavors and aromas, while maintaining the integrity and uniqueness of the Rio Coco profile.

As you open the bag, a tantalizing fragrance fills the air, unveiling captivating notes of dark chocolate, caramel, almond, and honey. The medium-dark roast profile of Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee strikes a perfect balance between a vibrant acidity and a smooth, velvety body. Each sip reveals layers of complex flavors, including nuances of brown sugar, toasted nuts, and a delicate hint of spice, creating an unforgettable coffee experience that lingers on your palate.

Packaged in an elegant bag designed to preserve freshness, the Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee ensures that every brew delivers the same exceptional taste as the day the beans were roasted. The resealable packaging allows you to savor the captivating flavors of this Nicaraguan blend over multiple sessions, ensuring a consistently delightful coffee experience.

Indulge in the enchanting flavors of Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee and allow yourself to be transported to the serene landscapes of the Rio Coco region. Experience the harmony of exquisite taste, sustainable farming practices, and the rich cultural legacy encapsulated within each cup. Elevate your coffee journey with Nicaragua Rio Coco Coffee, where every sip is an invitation to savor the true essence of this remarkable coffee origin.

SIZE:  12 oz

ROAST:  medium

FLAVOR NOTES: chocolate, almond, honey



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